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Bradley V

These are great compilations of mostly proven non-profits. With the amount of people in Japan that have had their lives turned upside down this emergency should be treated as such.

Sha'ylon Davis

Its so sad whats going on in japan. I would never guessed this would happen in Japan. We need to keep them all in our prayers. And help out with whatever we can.


I knew there was an earthquake but I was unaware of the amount of damage that it did to Japan and the number of people that it has effected. After reading these articles it seems as if experts are somewhat confused as to what to do to try and better the situation in Japan! I think that making people aware of the situation should be a priority that way a plan can be discussed and an approach on the situation can begin!


Its nice to see that so many organizations are taking matters into there own hands and sending food, water, and all kinds of other donations to help make this time as easy as possible for Japan!!! Its just a shame that that all of these organizations can't do the same for our own country year round especially when we have so much poverty!

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what you want to do is what you want to do now!

Grace Warren

This is a very tragic event that took place, I believe that anyone that is able to work and help these people get moving on with their lives will help. Keeping them in our prayers as well for the families and poeple that died. I was unaware of all the damage that this earthquake had done, after watching the news i became knowledged with it. So with all we can do we should help.


After discussing this event with several other students I am aware of the issues that Japan is still facing such as the Nuclear power plants. I will be keeping these people in my thoughts and prayers and hopefully a solution will be reached so that they can start to better their situation and reconstructing their country!


Their are thousands of families that have been effected by the eatquake and there will be sever more thousand effected when they find out that there loved ones aren't returning home. They have lost everything they own, including their loved ones...so lets make this this process as easy for those in need and DONATE!

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Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

After hearing about the horrible natural disaster in Japan I was wondering if anyone was going to attepmt to help them out. This is great to hear that people are sending food and supplies over to Japan. It is so sad to hear that more people are suffering but it is wonderful to see people lending out a helping hand. I pray that the people living in Japan will get through this tough time and hopefully they will not have to see this happen again.

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Helena, its lack of strategic focus for much of its early existence, I think its too early to wonder about its future.

Margaret Martin

This is such a tragedy i can not believe such a horrible thing has happened. I can only hope that we can together as a united front and help japan. It is such a disaster and so many lives have been lost. So many natural disasters have been affecting our world. I hope this brings new light to people and encourages people to reach out and help others and less fortunate around them.


Keeping them in our prayers as well for the families and poeple that died.

mighty students

thanks for the great information about Japan Earthquake & Tsunami, hope japan will survive this kind of disaster

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I would love to help but I heard there are many scams out there.


I realize she went to far with tlroling to pick the earthquake in Japan.. But I knew she was tlroling right off. How? Because how could anyone exist that was that joyfull and golly gee and about people dying, and then assuming they were all atheists in another country? I mean, nothing made any sense and was too unlikely. That said, I have to admit, I was laughing several times at the whole thing. But at the same time I do feel bad for people in Japan. It's hard to explain how I can feel bad for people in Japan, but at the same time laugh at this, but that's how it is. And if she were truly crazy and believed all of it? Does what ONE 13 year old girl even matter? I don't think so.


(I posted this on Prezhilton.com, I'll post it here, too)I'm aheamsd to say that I know this girl. She started posting these videos on YouTube a while ago, playing a satirical character designed to mock some of the more radical Christian leaders out there. For a while it was funny for people who were in on the joke, because she enraged a lot of people. She caused quite a bit of controversy on her channel, but it's just not funny anymore.I apologize on her behalf to anyone who was offended by this video. She's crazy for attention, and the best thing we can do is ignore her.


Wow I can't bleieve that she did that but Nathan I can't bleieve that you said what you said either. God wouldn't do that to someone, I've been in the rape situation and I know God had nothing to do with that. I honestly don't think you're any better than her for wishing that on her or anyone for that matter.


Uh, yeah, we look like vultures! Greedy and intsiensive vultures! Really??? Really people??? Well, I strongly beg to differ. None of us will ever make light of the on-going tragedies that plague this world of ours. From our own Hurricane Katrina to BP’s oil spill in the Gulf to Haiti’s earthquakes and mudslides. Unfortunately, we live in a world of perpetual devastation, albeit man-made or natural. But, I.T.S. is committed to helping those who are in a state of despair and will continue with our charitable and humanitarian efforts. That will always remain a constant in our agenda. However, as an investment group, we have to approach any given situation from a “business” perspective. For every tragedy comes restoration and cultivation. It would behoove us to not at least consider investing in companies that will be directly involved in the restoration and overall re-construction of all that was destroyed in Japan. Take into consideration the growing problem Japan is facing with the nuclear plants, specifically with the reactors leaking radiation into the ocean. As a result, Japan has had to evacuate thousands of people from their homes for fear of exposure. Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of shelter. There have been fires and explosions that have resulted in power shortages, factory closure, and contamination, to name a few, all of which are contributing to an overall crippling economy. Heck! They’ve even asked us for help (us being the “United States government” now you know things are bad over there). Simply stated, there’s work to be done. Do you think we’re the only people thinking along those lines? Puleeze! Now, don’t get me wrong. While I think it’s advantageous to invest, I don’t think we’ll become rich as a result simply because amid all the tragedies that we’ve experienced for the past 3 years, most of these companies’ stocks have reached or will reach their peak. But, hey, we might as well take a closer look. On an unrelated note, well semi-related note, isn’t it compelling that in the face of all this devastation and deprivation there has been no reporting of looting or hostile behavior?

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There have been shoots and explosions that have led to energy shortages, manufacturer closing, and contaminants, to name a few, all of which are leading to an overall serious economic climate.

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