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Jay Sutaria

Thank you for this blog. You're doing a great job promoting awareness about the hunger. 2.5 million people die every year from chronic hunger in India. I run an NGO in India called Bhookh Relief Foundation (see www.bhookh.com) where you can donate a cup of food to a chronically hungry Indian by clicking once everyday. Please do try to spread the word.


So agree that fighting hunger is an attainable goal!We are riding around the world on a motorcycle to raise awareness and funds for hunger. Check out the journey at www.motorcyclememoir.com


Money is the root of all evil! People in countries such as India are going hungry because large companies are going where the labor is cheap, causing for greater year end profits! More then half of the food harvested is being exported, leaving India to fend for itself on the little land that has not yet been industrialized! This blog shows the need for a greater action to be taken place to stop world hunger; and until done so, we should continue to spread the word and make it as world known as possible!!!


I have a friend who just recently went to Haiti to help the victims. My friend is a Nursing major and while he was there he provided health care and needs for the patients and victims. He said that it was an incredible experience that truly opened his eyes and mind into a whole new perspective. Seeing the victims first-hand can really make you think differently about yourself and your actions when it comes to being appreciative and selfless. I think it would be quite an experience to physically go volunteer and help the victims in any way possible, and it is definately something that I personally would like to get involved in and will be looking into. I give my full support to anyone out there who has been, or who plans to be involved in taking these actions to help these victims in Haiti as well as victims of hunger and suffering anywhere else throughout the world.

Erick Nelson

The problem in Haiti is large and I was hoping to figure what are the ways for us to help that can't really make it down there. I have heard many stories about people going down there to help but I don't have the time due to I'm a full time student in college. I want to help but there aren't many sites out that allows you to contribute something more than just clicking a button. I don't feel like that is action enough. That's just me, i don't pass judgement on others. Spread the WORD END HUNGER!

D. Polk

There are so many people, mainly in the US, who are unaware of the problems outside our boarders. Personally, I knew there was an earthquake in Haiti about a year ago yet never really took the time to read anything about it. I wish there was more I could do to help and, given I could, I would.
I selected the "Network for Good: Haiti Relief" link to read more and I don't like how they have to give an incentive of receiving a tax return in order for people to donate. I, myself, just can't afford to contribute right now until my work checks become more steady for about another month. Regardless of a tax return, which I still have to figure out how to do, I would most definitely donate to Haiti and all of the people who desire a better life.

Grace Warren

This was a very tragic eventt that took place in Haiti. With more then 3 million people being effected, over 100,000 that died, and 1 million that were left homeless. I believe that the US did an alsome job as being the first to come with relief. We came out and helped out with tons of food and emergemcy supplies. I am not aware of what other assistance they are still in need of, but we have definetly given them the most and best relief as a nation.

Pat Moore

Greed is the number one thing leading to world hunger. If major corporations that take advantage of 3rd world countries would just put more of their profit back into the country, it would solve so many problems. People in the US can be so uninformed about the rest of the world it’s sad. Some people in the US couldn’t care less about what happens outside our walls. That’s the attitude that needs to change in order to solve these major world problems.

Whitney Rice

To just know that so many people and even child got effected by the Haiti Earthquake and to know that so many of them are effected with hunger, is just upsetting to know that. To know that a place so close to us, is struggling so.

Also, that they aren't the only ones struggling other third world countries are as well. I just wish those bigger companies that were starting to tear apart the third world countries would put more back to what they started to ruin.


It's so hard for me to understand how there is so much diversity among people in this world. How an earth quake in the middle of a city can be "fixed" so much quicker then an earth quake in Haiti. That people in america can be so different from people living in a third world country. The amount of people that have given their time and money and supplies to help the people of Haiti get back on their feet is amazing. But is still blows my mind how much damage there still is. I gave through a fundraiser that my school was having. I still don't feel like that was enough, but it isn't possible for everyone to get on a plane and fly down there to help. But the people that can are doing an amazing job. We all just need to do our part.

Michael Mansour

Haiti is just like New Orleans after Katrina, in the sense that after the initial and immediate stage of relief...the majority of the American public just forgets...


I really feel for the people in Haiti who have suffered from these devastating earthquakes. After seeing what happened to the homes and livelihood's of the people who were displaced after Hurricane Katrina. It saddens me to know that same pain is being experienced again just in a different part of the world.

Bradley V

I know that many look down on the United States because of some past mistakes, but I am personally proud that my country the United States that is and continues to be the leader in charitable donations. According to the Global Humanitarian Assistant report the U.S. out donated every other country by ten fold in absolute terms. I believe that although we hold this leadership role we should not forget to continue on a path of humanitarianism.

Erick Nelson

I agree with Bradley V. So many are frustrated with this country they don't believe we are doing anything. In all reality we are the ones doing the most work. The catch is that we are one of the only ones doing it. We have the means to feed everyone but we need to be less wasteful.


The earthquakes that Haiti experienced was a unfortunate disaster and my thoughts go out to the people to this day. I second the posts by Bradley and Erick, the US is assisting as much as possible. The US is assisting with any issues as much as possible by sending troops, donating money, delivering food and water, and much more. That is very encouraging that we are assisting in the recontruction and safety of Haiti and its people.

Michael Mansour

Its not that the US isn't doing any work, its just that unfortunately, it still isn't enough. All I'm saying is that they are still suffering and you hear almost nothing about it. It's more of a jab at the media than the government or even the American public. More exposure=more aid.

Erick Nelson

Media is not the only outlet though. Media will never do their jobs right because they are just as corrupt as most things out there. The word is not getting out about the suffering because the news stations are too worried about discrediting each other than the real problems in the world. They will keep going on like this so the real news, problems, and suffering aren't going to get shown and so it is up to us, the people who care, to do as much as we can but there is also pain in suffering in the U.S.

Michael Mansour

That's true but you can't deny the fact that the more the media exposes hardships such as this, the more aid that people sent out, weather it be to combat starvation in foreign nations or domestically.

Bradley V

I agree, the best way of combating anything is through information. Whenever our attention, granted short attention, is given to combating disasters we do a great job. The job now is extending that period in which are attention is grabbed.

Michael Mansour

Exactly, its a tricky situation. That's really the big question that needs answered.

shay'lon davis

I think as Americans were doing out best to help out the less fortunate. And blogs like this is very important because we have to spread the word. Little things like this make a big difference. Keep up the good work and hopefully we see a positive change in the near future.


It is truly inspiring and comforting to know that there are people that still so strongly want to help out after a tragedy. Especially when the shock value for the people who don't live near by has worn off. It's sad that people especially in america don't realize how lucky we are to have the resources we do and how grateful those people will be when we do help them. After all we don't know when we might enter the same boat.


Blogs such as these that are informing the people about things such as an unpreventable Earthquake help people; such as myself realize exactly what happens all around the world that aren't directly affecting me! Hopefully everyone who reads an article or comes across something to help reduce the blow that haiti has taken, will take action and help those in need. I also think that as Americans we need to be leaders, and help Haiti recover because we never know when the tables could be turned. Little things such as this will insure Haiti a brighter future and more promising tomorrow!

Bradley V

I agree any outlet of entertainment, such as this, is an important privilege that we have. But with that privilege we also must accept the responsibility of using it in a way that helps human society. It is too often that these outlets do more harm than good.

Erick Nelson

Things like this website are really important. We can communicate and share the ways that we can help others like different websites. Though things like this never seem to stop. There is always one other world disaster so maybe can't give as much as they would like but it doesn't make that person uncaring.

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