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Poor African

thanks for sharing!

L Web

Thanks for the post, its aways sad to hear about natural disasters like these, unlike the ones we can prevent, I support a non profit organization, who have done great work helping children of South Africa, if you would like to see what they do see here

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I too am sad when i read of such disasters. We have got to support and put an end to the suffering. Hunger can be solved.


India Food Banking Network, IFBN Launched

Launch of The India Food Banking Network is a giant step towards the eradication of hunger which will surely enhance our strength in the fight against hunger. The Aidmatrix Foundation and The Global FoodBanking Network hosted the launch of The India Food Banking Network, IFBN, Planning forum in Delhi .

India Food Banking Network is a system that will move food from donors to the people who need it the most and engage all sectors of society towards this effort. This food banking system will feed millions of people each year,and become a vehicle for building public awareness about hunger and nutrition, and serve as a powerful voice that drives policy decisions and initiatives that impact the food security of individuals and communities.

At the inaugural address Dr Sam Pitroda,Chairman - IFBN emphasized the need of establishment of IFBN to eliminate hunger in India. “Hunger affects generations, communities, societies and countries. When technology, productivity, logistics and transportation have been increased by leaps and bounds, we can't choose to ignore the fact that billions of our people are dying from hunger or sleeping half fed every night. Launch of The India Food Banking Network is a giant step towards the eradication of hunger which will surely enhance our strength in the fight against hunger.” He stated.

IFBN is establishing a national food banking system focused on collecting surplus and unsalable food from the agricultural community and from the the food industry like manufacturers, distributors, and retailers catering to both urban and rural needs. Through this system, the India Food Banking Network initiates an infrastructure for serving the hungry and catering to the nutritional needs. Governor Scott McCallum, CEO Aidmatrix highlighted “how a technology driven initiative like the IFBN will truly provide the systems and mechanism for an effective food procurement, handling and distribution”

Veena S. Rao, IAS – Retired Secretary Government of India, along with Chris Rebstock - Vice President, The Global FoodBanking Network shared their views and ideas on the relevancy of food bank in India and discussed opportunities and hurdles in adaptation of food banking and innovative solutions for food security.

According to Chris, “Food Banks are viable tools to promote food security. When hunger is the cause of maximum deaths per year, It was necessary to establish a technology based infrastructure or a platform where the various working sectors like government, NGOs and private can come and work towards rooting out hunger.”

Veena S. Rao highlighted to the audience about health related issues that food banking also addresses in terms of providing hygienic, pure and clean surroundings while storing and serving food. “There is huge difference between nutritional security and food security. The need of the hour is to provide the required nutritional package. There is a possibility that many may not die of hunger but other related problems or diseases.” Said Rao.

The India Food Banking Network addresses the issue of hunger related problems prevalent in all age groups and will ensure the permanent access of food within the country. The goal of IFBN is to create permanent and positive change regarding food issues in communities by leveraging and aligning resources among the public sector, private sector and the voluntary sector.

J.K Sinha, Honorable member of National Disaster Management Authority appreciated the initiative and purpose of IFBN. “Food becomes more important at times of disasters . With so many corporates and organizations coming on board, the difficult task has become easy.” Stated Sinha.

“The concept of IFBN is a bridge for corporates and recipients to pool and distribute food with technology expertise of Aidmatrix. There is no doubt that IFBN will prove as an extremely useful tool for handling hunger in the coming times.” Said V.N. Gaur, CEO – The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, who also appreciated the IFBN focus on food safety during the salvaging, handling and distribution process.

Along with these case studies by Munishwar Vasudeva, Business head- Adani Group, Leena Joseph, DGM- Naandi Foundation and Dr Murli -Programmes Officer- World Food Programme, India were presented to showcase the success and opportunities in Food Banking. Also there was case studies on the opportunities in development market place by Hemanth Kumar- Vice President, CSO Partners who presented the upcoming online initiative on NGO marketplace.

For more details on The India Food Banking Network please visit : http://indiafoodbanking.org/

To view the Synopsis of The India Food Banking Network Planning Forum Launch please visit : http://indiafoodbanking.org/synopsis.pdf

C-2/2200, Vasant Kunj
New Delhi – 110070, INDIA
Tele: +91 11 65422890 Fax: +91 11 46767757
Email: communications@indiafoodbanking.org
Website: www.indiafoodbanking.org


IFBN is establishing a national food banking system focused on collecting surplus and unsalable food from the agricultural community and from the the food industry like manufacturers, distributors, and retailers catering to both urban and rural needs.

Lynn Rosen

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your website has been a wonderful source of inspiration to us.It provides the necessary information about global hunger and keeps us up to date on the latest events and news.
Please take a minute to visit a hunger website that we've created: http://nomorehunger.webs.com/

We hope that you will enjoy it.

Our dream is to end global hunger and we can make a difference one brick at a time.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

NoMoreHunger Team

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I always read this information it is very usefull..

Amanda Miller

It is always very sad to hear about how a natural disaster (that cannot be prevented) has negatively impacted innocent people. Those people and their children end up suffering and going hungry because of an incident that was not in their control. However it's great to know whenever a natural disaster such as this occurs there's always people in the world willing to help.

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” Calvin Coolidge

Erick Nelson

It is always nice to see when a group of people are willing to do what they can. It is a sad fact that most people wait until a natural disaster to help out but it seems to be the best time. We can definitely help others. A favorite site of mine to help is www.freerice.com. You can easily go to this website and donate large amounts of rice while having fun answering questions. Its completely free to you and for every question you answer right they give 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Go and DONATE!

Michael Mansour

I agree completely, the only time things like this get media attention or backing is when there is a natural disaster.

D. Polk

I never would've thought something so simple as a biscuit would help feed and nurture thousands of people. It's a great idea, and evidently, very effective. They should definitely keep up the good work and continue to improve the lives of the people who have been affected by such horrid disasters.


Another natural disaster, destroying lives, shelter, food, etc. Its sad to hear about such problems that happen to people. At any minute it can happen to anyone of us, food and shelter wiped out. Then what? A feeling I never want to embrace, but who’s to say that will never happen. Leave room for possibilities, anything can happen. Anyways, I am glad to hear once again people are trying to assist and help rebuild in Myanmar (Burma). What else can we do as humans, when something gets knocked down we got to keep building it back up.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage and it is so nice that all of these people are willing to help out and give food as donations to the people who have lost their homes. I agree with the above comments on how its not great that people wait until something like this happens to help out, why can't we help out all the time wouldn't you want someone to help you out if you couldn't feed your family let alone yourself. I think we all need to act like a natural disaster happens all of the time and stand up and help out the people who are calling us for help. I liked reading this article and it is nice to see that people are helping out in Myanmar by helping rebuild the damages. God Bless

Sha'ylon Davis

With natural disaters theres nothing we can do to really prevent them so we do as best as we can. Its nice to see people do the best they can to help out these poor families. If we just put ourselves in their shoes we would want someone to help us.

Bradley V

No one expects that we can control natural disasters. We need to focus on what we can do to prevent what impact these natural disasters have. This means taking a proactive stand instead of a retroactive one. And although many of these food donations problems help mask many of the poverty symptoms in the short term they do not get to the root of the problem.


I find this information very helpful because I was unaware of this organization before reading this blog! I think that its awesome that we can help those who are in need, not necessarily the hungry, but the ones that have lost everything because of a unpreventable natural disaster; such as this one. I thanks those taking action to help those in need!

Bradley V

It is necessary that we not only help those in need in the immediate future but think about long term help. Too often we worry about immediate need and fail to look for long term solutions.

Margaret Martin

It is so important that we help people suffering in situations such as these. If we don't who will? We all live in the same world and it is vital that we help each other strive and get back on their feet. Our world needs protected as do the people living in it.


Hi Naung, I'm impressed with your art work and I enoyjed reading your writings. I also write. Sometimes in magazines and sometimes on my fab page notes. I hope you enjoy my words as well by the way about the 10005th fan, you are also invited for dinner sine you live in Yangon you may be the first to have dinner with me as my fan even before the 10000th fan. I will be back in yangon this Sunday and if you email to my gmail may be I can give you my number or we can talk on the phone or in person to discuss about your work and dinner.


The thing is you can't just have a tax free country you got to have other inetenivcs to add investments. In the caymans they had a huge tourist industry which most of the locals participated in. Their investment business was even bigger which Caymans being the 5th biggest financial centre in the world. How did they it was provide a platform for all the investement managers, lawyers and accountants necessary to support their hedge funds. And the government never got to hectic with their legistlation and red tape which made business easier. The no tax' on the companies did help a massive amount, but their was other costs to doing business like work permits for your skilled expets and licenses to do business. For an accountant it was $10,000 per year and for having your company domiciled in the caymans you had to pay $120,000 for the business licence. Ireland also had low tax laws which was like 15% one of the lowest in the EU, which attracted a lot of american companies like microsoft and american banks to that region. They have still stayed there even though Ireland are in so much problems at the moment. The real shame is that the government spent more money then they brought in in terms of tax revenue and now they are in real trouble. Its the same with the Cayman Islands where they have a massive deficent and they had to be bailed out by the UK. So in conclusion, I'm all in favour of low tax rate regions, they play an important part to attracting investment, however you got to provide more then low taxes, easy of business needs to be a factor as well. The other thing is that if the country is not getting in massive tax revenues they will have to find another way to fund all the schools, housing projects etc.


Thanks for taking note of the Emergency Donor Briefing we had on Monday, and apeolgios to those readers who didn't make it onto the call. We didn't expect to be so oversubscribed. As a result, and because new information is coming on every minute, a second call is scheduled for Friday. Details at In answer to your understandable commentary about our reluctance to more decidedly point people to specific organizations, I want to explain that that was deliberate at the time. On Monday it was not at all clear who had the biggest and most effective footprint on the ground and, more importantly, the INGO's had not yet begun to develop robust long-term recovery plans. These can be difficult for even the most seasoned donor advisor, including our two disaster philanthropy experts, to navigate on the fly.With more information and aid now flowing out of Yangoon, the call this Friday will focus more heavily on effective grant-making strategies, and will point to specific places where, in our analysis, donor resources can be best placed. Any donor advisor offering more rushed assistance than the timeframe that we and others are working on, given the limited information flow, would be doing their clients and Myanmar a disservice.


It's not as if people who doatne, or people in the business of helping people, have no information at all. There are many long-standing organizations with good track records. One does *not* have to start from scratch, unless you want to raise the bar, as the post above so perceptively suggests, to the point where you are omniscient and have perfect knowledge a goal the pursuit of which is of course a waste of time and energy. But apparently it'll keep you in business as long as you want to be, and earning a great (for most people) salary of $65,000 a year.

Longchamp Pascher Cuir

Hello webpntahid,
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I get where you are coming from. You know that there will nohintg that the doomsadayists are saying that will happen, but that the gullible and uneducated in society may cause media and self induced panic (Just like the GFC ). I agree to a certain point. The sensationalism that media sprout all the time is nohintg short of dangerous. Some of these journalists' have a lot to answer for. Some write or speak about all kinds of ludicrous ideas. Even if it is tongue in cheek as you have suggested, there are some that will believe it and live in despair. There are even some reports of teens, who are the predominant users of chat sites and open forums, that are already so scared of these fictional events that some have already committed suicide. Sad, but true. This, as you mentioned, will only get worse as the time gets closer. I am with you on this. My fear is not the perceived events, as I know that they will not happen, but the supposed irrational fear that the naive have that will become a problem. The more and more of these unrelated events that happen, such as a heat wave in Russia, a flood in Pakistan, the more the media hounds feed on it and the more fuel added to the imaginary fire. Nothing feeds fear more than fear itself! Great question btw. Star for you!!


The 2012 fear seems to me to be much more widespread than the y2k silnsleis ever was. Add to it all the increasing worldwide catastrophes, (think economic crisis, food crisis, major earthquakes, H1N1 scare, out of control floods, landslides, wildfires, etc, etc!!!) and I'm starting to get worried that 2012 fears will cause panic and hysteria as that date gets closer ..what do you think?21 minutes ago 4 days left to answer.Actually, I was basing this on how much i've seen people react to it on the internet. I've hardly heard anyone talk about it where i live only a little bit. But I just see that knowledge of it is very widespread, and all the horrible things that are happening are fueling the fire.I don't mean that there is hysteria now, of course, because it's only 2010. But there are already lots of people who make comments all over the news websites about how all these terrible things are happening because of 2012, blah, blah, etc. (sometimes jokingly, but sometimes very seriously face it, gullible people exist whether you like it or not.)

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