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Thank you so much for sharing. As part of our MBA "edge" class on using web 2.0 to mobilize action for a cause, we are bringing attention to child hunger in Niger. We set up an Amazon webstore and all proceeds go to globalgiving. http://cookingthingsup.amazonwebstore.com/


Over one billion children are malnourished, each step to end hunger is a step in the right direction


This, Universal Nut Sheller, is a great begining to help people in the third world countries. The video shows how much the women appricate the machine; saving them time with the machine cracking open the nuts for them. Now, the women have more time to care for the children and do household chores for the family, while the men work.
The Universal Nut Sheller not only saves time, but it is helping the raise money to help provid food for their children. This is just a start to what can help end hunger in third world countries.

Shalonda C

I find it interesting that the man who created the nut sheller even took interest in helping these woman. It just goes to show how one person can make a huge step towards ending hunger.

Amanda Miller

The Universal Nut Sheller is a great idea! The women are so grateful for it and how it helps them. It's sad how hard these women have to work just to make a little bit of money. Not only do they shell peanuts but they also take care of their children, cook, wash dishes, and fetch firewood. They are definitely an inspiration to me.

I love that this guy took time out of his own busy life to do something to help these people. Just one man was able to make this much of a difference. Imagine what could be done if everyone took a little out of their lives to help others.


AWESOME!!! I am so glad that people are finally taking action and helping people in need! I feel that everyone able to do so should buy a ticket and help in anyway possible to make this as beneficial as possible! Thousands of people are starving all over the world in third world countries, I am thankful for those who are taking the steps to fight this Famine here in the United States! Thank you so much for this blog, everyone should know what is taking place and how it is eventually going to come to an end!

D. Polk

I am so very pleased to see that this man (I can't remember his name) was moved by such tedious and strenuous manual work these African women have done for years to make a machine for them to use. As even shown in the video, this decreased the amount of time and energy put into their daily work load for just shelling the peanuts. I have much respect for these women and all the things they do, especially when the one woman was talking about the branches of the tree compared to the typical African woman. I know I don't do as much as they do maybe in a week compared to their typical days.

Tiesha Mitchell

I think the Universal Nut Sheller is great idea to help those in need. This has helped them in many ways by providing them with food (shelling peanuts), taking some work off of their backs, took care of their children, etc. It is quite interesting how one person could make a difference and change the lives of millions of people in Third World countries. Big thanks to the founder of this non-profit organization.

Pat M

Love the idea. Anything to help people in impoverished countries is a good idea. This one is great because it gives them the ability to help themselves.

Sha'ylon Davis

This is a step in the right direction. As long as were doing something then every little bit matters. If we can continue to organize these types of projects then we can potentionally see improvement but it will take time and patience.


I find it amazing how well people come together in a time of need or for a cause like this. It just shows a side of people we don't always see. The side of people who care and are proactive in a cause such as world hunger. I feel what these companies are doing is a great idea and a wonderful way to bring awareness to this need.


I think it is eyeopening to see how hard people in these countries have to work compared to us to get so much less. It is wonderful to see how such a simplistic non electronic appliance can help these women so much.
It would be nice if more people from developed countries could see how these people lived more, because if more of them observed then maybe they'd want to help more or at least be more grateful for what they have.


Kudos to the Full Belly Project, this was a fantastic idea! For the women to sit there and peel the shells away was a job that needed to be updated. Better late than never, I am happy for these men and women who got to modernize their tactics so they may provide more attention to other aspects of their daily work. But being from America, everything moves quick, fast and in a hurry sitting around doing one specific job isn’t very productive.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

The Universal Nut Sheller is an awesome idea i am honestly smiling right now because that is a great opportunity for people to help out others and help themselves as well. there is nothing better than to see people lending out a helping hand for people in need. These people can work and make money at the same time they are watching their kids. I also agree with Soraya, stating that if more people just took the time to observe how other people are living and feel their pain and sufferings, more people would want to help out and give food and money etc. to others in physical need of it. it is very important as a country to all care about everyone, the reason we ar able to eat in america is because of all of the other people around the world basically catering to us, that is not right at all especially because they work their asses off for us and yet they still are struggling to feed their families. Something is not right here.

Grace Warren

I believe this is a great plan for funraising to feed the hungry. Instead of always waiting for someone else to help them and feed them they can raise money and feed themselves. This gives them not only more hope to live but also more independence to survive on thier own.


This is great. It seems that people are really trying to make a difference.

Maybe someone will benefit in a way so that they are able to get a foothold in the world economy. That would be great.


There is nothing better than to see a community reach out to those in eneed. More peopple need to take the step to help solve this growing problem in the world today. Im glad though that the steps are beginning to be taken.

Molly Martin

This is an awesome movement, I can only imagine how many people this will help. It is exciting to see people making a big difference in society so the community can grow, stopping hunger is such a huge issue I'm glad we have events like this happening to benefit the cause. It is a great spin to see the hungry work to get food for themselves instead of waiting for someone else to help them, they are helping themselves. It is a step in the right direction to solve this growing problem.


The depth and scale of the crisis in Somalia is extremely alarming to us all - in some parts acute malnutrition levels surpass emergency threshold levels

Grace Warren

It is awesome how us as a country being the most wealthiest country and being the first to go out and help the people of haiti. This is a very wonderful act of kindness but still they have not fully recovered from this tremendiuos tragedy. With help from every source I believe they can build back up in a matter of time.

Bradley V

I agree with Derrick. It is great to see any community do this kind of outreach. As an individual we can only do so much but as a community we can make greater accomplishments.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

I agree with all of these comments, this is a great program to reach out and help the people living in Haiti. And i agree with what Grace said, if people continue to help out their country will be built right back up in the matter of no time. It is just always great to see people helping out other, especially when it is two different countries calling out. That is truely magnificant to me, because people usually envy our country because of our government rights, but then to turn around and see them working together as a team, is wonderful and that is what God wants to see.

Margaret Martin

This sounds like a great fundraiser, it is so important to help the less fortunate and the amount of malnutrition children let alone people is enormous. I think more fundraisers such as this will be successful in helping feed others. I really enjoy hearing about this type of help and it makes me wish to become more involved.


Black &Jewish rap group team with Power 106 and Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger to fight hunger in America: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD_vN0d6dkE


I enjoyed this prejoct a lot. I already knew about most of the events in brief detail but some of the events I never even heard of before. It interested me because even though I'm not very into learning about Civil Rights, I still love American History so I enjoyed learning about the Civil rights events. The event I found the most interesting is the one where the Supreme Court rules segregation in school unconstitutional. I thought that the entire federal government didn't disagree with segregation until the 1960 s. I also found it interesting that all the major incidents for the fight for no segregation happened because of this event happening. With out this event, yes there wouldn't have been all of the exact same incidents but segregation would have continued for a lot longer.

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