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Ayesha Lakhani

Its great to know that we have people in this world who feel poverty & hunger should be ended.

UN's End poverty 2015 millenium campaign is also one of the important campaigns in which end child hunger is its main millenium development goal. The campaign as 8 millenium development goals known as the 8 MDG's of the campaign ..
To know more : www.endpoverty2015.org


I recently discovered this site called Everywun that donates money to organizations such as the Hunger project on behalf of the people who obtain a badge from their website. Its a great way to donate especially if you're on a budget crunch. Their website is www.everywun.com...I highly recommend checking it out!


Please spare 6 minutes of your life and watch this film. Over 2,000,000 people have watched and shared this film, who care about hunger and human inequality. If you deem appropriate, please share it with your members, friends, students, and family - all who care about hunger and its impact on human race.



Chicken a la Carte
Director: Ferdinand Dimadura | Genre: Drama |


This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who lives on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.

Dulal A.

In the modern technological times, advancements in medical research is enabling us to cure diseases that were perceived as a death sentences a few decades ago. Advancements in Genetic Engineering has enabled farmers in 2008 to produce more food than ever in the human history. Ironically, in 2008, according to an official UN report, the number of individuals suffering from hunger reached a staggering 1.02 billion. Despite this the magnanimity of the issue, real practical solutions are available and can be implemented to tame this epidemic

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the “ World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent population increase. This is enough to provide everyone in the world with at least 2,720 kilocalories (kcal) per person per day.”Thus enough food is produced, but majority of these food is being produced in the developed regions of the world, where there is little need for them. In the US, for instance, “Forty percent of all food ready for harvest never gets eaten,” as estimated by a study conducted by the University of Arizona in 2005. So our current solution to world hunger would be to develop a better method for transporting these unnecessary food to the parts of the world it is needed that most.

Transporting food to the developing countries will help to merely tame the current condition of global hunger; a more permanent solution would be to help individuals become more self-sufficient. Dan West, founder of the Heifers for Relief Organization, while distributing milk to needy children in Latin America realized that, “these children don’t need a cup, they need a cow.” He argued that to permanently end world hunger, we must train the emerging generation to sustain themselves over time, so that they “could be spared the indignity of depending on others to feed their children.” So a lasting approach to ending world hunger would be to help individuals become self-sufficient, thus ending they cycle of hunger. This can be done through training them better agricultural methods, education, employment, etc.


I'm going to formulate my own job since you don't see any good jobs around the market.

Can anybody provide any recommendations or online resources about how to get government grant money to begin with my own business? I have already been looking on the web but every single web-site demands for money and I've been told by the unemployment office to avoid the websites that ask for money for grant information because they are rip-offs. I'd personally be really grateful for any help.

Amanda Miller

I think it's great Bill and Melinda Gates who are very wealthy are generous enough to share their wealth to help those in need. People often forget about those who are suffering from poverty and hunger. Every day there are children who are suffering and dying from malnutrition. It is sad these children are born into these conditions without any say and are not able to do anything about it. I strongly believe hunger is something that can be ended if we work together to overcome it. The problem is there are people in this world who are selfish and if something doesn't affect them directly they don't care. I know times are tough today because of the economy, but most of us still have the luxury of coming home every night to a warm meal or are able to go out to a restaurant. People need to look beyond themselves and reach out to help those less fortunate.

Michael Mansour

This is the only way anything will ever get done. Sadly, we are all at the mercy of the world's billionaires and the more of them that choose to engage in extensive amounts of philanthropy as Mr. and Mrs. Gates do the better.


Unfortunately we do have to rely on the wealthiest of people to make a difference. The issue of poverty and hunger has grown drastically and people think that there are enough people to help and donate and organize organizations, but there is never enough. Every little thing counts and people don't realize that. I understand that times are tough right now economically but then again, there are people who are collecting money from the government just sitting on their couches all day when they have the opportunity to get a job and build their lives again. There are millions who do not have that chance because they don't even have clothes on their back! People, especially in this country, need to realize how fortunate they are and stop trying to be someone they're not!

Sha'ylon Savis

I think its very nice that Bill and Melinda are doing so much to help out hunger in third world countries. It's refreshing to see someone who is wealthy enough help out the less fortunate. But i do believe the main problem is the agribusiness, there has to be something done. I think we have to start there first to really make a difference.

Bradley V

I do not believe at all that we have to rely on the nations wealthiest to make a difference. I do believe that they get more press for helping due to the large sums that they will give at one time. I had watched a program on 20/20 where it was stated the nations millionaires contribute 50% of the total charitable donations. Yes, 50% is a large amount of money from these top earners, but that is only half the story the rest come from the middle and lower class. If we are to make a difference we cannot and should not rely wholly on the philanthropy of the upper class.

Michael Mansour

I'm not saying we have to rely on them to get anything done. What I mean is, the more people who actually have money who choose to help those who don't the better off this world will be, but as much as we don't want to believe it, they possess so much more monetary power in comparison to us middle class Americans. Its a fact and the only way to change that is to make more money. Because in this day in age, money is power and power is money.

Miranda H

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Provides $306 Million in Grants for Agricultural Development to Help Fight Hunger and Poverty

To help improve the lives of millions of small farmers in Africa and other parts of the developing world, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today announced a $306 million package of agricultural development grants. This funding nearly doubles the foundation's total investments in agriculture since the mid-2006 launch of its Agricultural Development initiative, part of the foundation's Global Development Program. The foundation plans to invest a total of $900 million through 2008 in this area.

"If we are serious about ending extreme hunger and poverty around the world, we must be serious about transforming agriculture for small farmers—most of whom are women," said Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. "These investments—from improving the quality of seeds, to developing healthier soil, to creating new markets—will pay off not only in children fed and lives saved. They can have a dramatic impact on poverty reduction as families generate additional income and improve their lives."

As described in the grant announcement, the specific grants are to:

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)
African Soil Health Program: $164.5 million
To revitalize Africa's severely depleted soils in order to increase the fertility and sustainability of small-scale farms and raise the yield and income of farmers, thus alleviating hunger and poverty. The project aims to boost the incomes and improve the well-being of more than 4.1 million smallholder farmers through 50 to 100 percent increases in their crop yields.
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Stress-Tolerant Rice for Poor Farmers in Africa and South Asia: $19.8 million
To reduce poverty and hunger and increase food and income security of resource-poor farm families and rice consumers in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa through the development and dissemination of stress tolerant rice. Within three years, the project expects that 300,000 farmers in South Asia and 100,000 farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa will have adopted the initial set of improved varieties.
International Development Enterprises (IDE)
India MicroIrrigation: Enabling Smallholder Prosperity: $27 million
To develop affordable microirrigation technologies for small farmers, create the private sector supply chain to deliver the technologies, promote and train farmers to use microirrigation, and link farmers to high-value crop markets. In partnership with IDE-India, the project expects to reach 250,000 smallholder farmers with microirrigation technologies in four years, significantly increasing their net annual income.
Doubling Coffee Incomes in East Africa: $46.9 million
To help small farmers in East Africa increase their coffee prices by improving coffee quality, and increasing high-quality coffee production and training to link them to premium coffee buyers. Over four years, the project aims to double the coffee incomes of 182,000 smallholder coffee farmers.
Heifer International
East Africa Dairy Development: $42.8 million
To help small dairy farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda double their income by developing stronger links to the formal sector, while at the same time increasing the quality of their milk to sell into the traditional sector. Within four years, Heifer International and its partners expect to double the dairy incomes of 179,000 smallholder dairy farmers.
Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain in Bangladesh: $5.2 million
To improve the incomes of landless and small farmers by enhancing their participation in the milk value chain through increased production, improved quality, enhanced animal health services and better access to transport and markets. In partnership with CARE Bangladesh, the project aims to link 35,000 farmer households to the dairy value chain over four years.

Whitney Rice

I think it is great what Bill and Melinda Gates are doing, by donating so much money to help end hunger. It is sad to think that there are so many children being born with so many diseases, because the parents were not able to eat enough when they were pregnant. The kids did not even have a chance, because they were just born that way. With the help of funds like Bill and Melinda Gates donated, hopefully it will help cut down the number of malnourished kids and even adults.

I just think that yes the funds will be very helpful, but there need to be something done about the agricultural businesses that are in the third world countries. No matter how much money is being donated to them, these businesses are still taking over and damaging the people's lives.


I think its awesome to see those blessed with money are helping take action to end world hunger. Hopefully This will trigger investments of several large companies! Bill and Melinda are changing future generations, by allowing the hungry to eat they are providing a healthier beginning for young children at birth.

This is one small step to ending world hunger in third world countries. The largest and biggest step would be removing all large companies that are using the countries for nothing but there profits!

Michael Mansour

The sad thing is business is business. Your gonna have a hard time discouraging big agricultural business from easing up on their profiteering...they have been doing this for years knowing what they are doing and the only thing that will change that is government interaction. Best things you can do are help relief agencies and call your congressman.


Bill and Melinda are doing a great thing by providing this grant. Amounts that big, which seem huge to average americans, is even bigger when used to help out the people that are less fortunate. It's just sad to see that the majority of the people that are giving the most, are the people with a much greater amount of money than the average person.

I just wish that there would be more reports of not just the wealthy giving large sums of money to the less fortunate, but the rest of the population as well. We all have at least a small amount that we can contribute to do our part in helping others in the world that need it. Many don't really realize it, but every dollar counts.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

After reading this article about Bill and Melinda it made me feel real good, made me feel like i could change the world and end world hunger myself. They are putting in such great effort to help out world hunger by using this grant. The people around the world who are starving are going to be filled with happiness again and after watching that Hunger for Profit movie it made me so sad to see the looks on not just the little kids faces but every one's faces looked so unhappy and hungry. I honestly do not think people should go hungry in this world because we can always grow more food, it is not an issue, but it is an issue that people around the world are spending their entire day working in the fields preparing for new crops and they can't even take home one pineapple to their families and i believe that is completely wrong and who ever is in charge of this food production and what-not is a terrible person because they should see these hungry people just praying for one piece of bread. Bill and Melinda are doing a great great thing and i honestly wish there were more people out there willing to help and not be so selfish. I mean why can't every family give one dollar a day to some family in need, if we all worked together and really helped out, this world hunger would not be an issue. I, myself, wish i could just go to other countries and personally hand families a can of soup or just cook a huge family barbeque for everyone to make them feel like they belong and we all are just one big family, so why not show it a little more often?

D. Polk

My hat goes off to Bill & Melinda for issuing such a vast amount of money to help better the lives of other people. When people with such wealth contribute like this is when "giving back to the community" forms a new definition.

Pat M.

I strongly agree that something needs to be done about poverty and world hunger. Bill and Melinda are taking action to try and change the world. Every one else needs to jump on the wagon, and this world can change.


I agree with D. Polk and Pat M. Something does need to be done about ending world hunger and to have people like Bill and Melinda or even companies to show their consideration and assistance in ways that will make a difference to thousands of people in extreme times of need is encouraging. I hope more corporations and individuals that aren’t struggling with money can give back to their fellow man. In turn, they can have a pride and knowledge that they did something good.


This contribution given by this foundation is an enormous undertaking. In Africa where poverty runs rampant as well as hunger, this is the best relief possible. The thousands of people who can be fed as a result is awe inspiring. Hopefully others will pick up this cause as well.


Big names such as the Gates puting forth an effort to end world hunger sets and example for others to follow. World hunger is a serious issue that hopefully someday will be a part of the past, and will no longer be talked about in the present or the future. The money given isn't the answer to ending world hunger. However, the education bettering the farmers farming process helps to insure a promising future!

Molly Martin

After reading this article on Bill and Melinda it just restores hope for me the our world can end hunger. Having people willing to donate so much money and time to this issue can improve so many things. Hunger is one of the most important and raising problems in the world. Not only is money donated but they are donating grants to improve farming process and help grow more food. This shows a promising future for the ending of hunger.

chanel coco

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