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Before reading this I was unaware of Hunger relief week! The amount of volunteering hours actually volunteered is amazing. I think relief week is an amazing thing and should things such as relief weeks should take place everywhere that world hunger is an issue. Its steps like this that have to take place to eventually end world hunger. I think its a great thing that these people are doing for those in need!

Whitney Rice

I was also not aware of the "World Hungry Relief Week" and I wish I was able to contribute to it. It still amazes me the amount of people that were involved with the volunteering and the contributions that were contributed to the relief week. Events like these are just taking steps closer to end world hunger.
Even though I was able to contribute to this event I will try and contribute to other events, and I think other people would hear about this will try and do the same. I am still amazed by the number of volunteers that help and people did not even have to volunteer and they were still willing to give money to help end world hunger. Hopefully events like these continue to help end world hunger.

D. Polk

That's amazing how many people and how much money was accumulated for this project. My hat goes off to these people for all that they do.

Amanda Miller

The amount of money raised and the amount of hours volunteered is amazing! 12 million dollars is a lot of money and it is so great that people actually care and are trying to make a difference. This amount of effort is what it takes to get closer to winning the fight again world hunger. If people can keep this up we will win the fight against hunger!

Michael Mansour

I agree. Its amazing that anyone could raise this much money, all be it for a good cause, but in such a short amount of time. Its incredible.

Pat M

This is really a great. It is great that these folks are taking the stand against hunger and really helping out. Raising that kind of money is amazing, and it couldnt go to a better cause.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

Wow this is a great little program going on here, it is amazing how many volunteers there actually are that want to help end world hunger. Just with this Hunger Relief week, they made so much money that is going to families and people in desperate need of it. Again, i think it is so beautiful when people really go out of their way to give food and money to the poor. I, myself, was also unaware of this Hunger Relief week and i would really like to know the next time it goes on because i would love to help out people that need me.


I hope that others begin to see this problem as well. I feel that people need to come together to tackle such problems as world hunger. The raising of this money and the volunteers who give their time is a step in the right direction.


Wow, that amount of money seems staggering, although I know its a drop in the bucket compared to the amount needed to end hunger. What I think is more amazing is those volunteer hours that they have been able to accrue. What good is money alone if there is nobody to help distribute the food? I would like to thank and congratulate all those who participated.


It has been proven that Hunger relief week has made a huge impact on world hunger! Hunger relief week made history with its millions of volunteer hours and 15 million dollars that was raised; but those who seek to end world hunger hope to continue to make history with even bigger numbers in hope to end this war against world hunger!People go above and beyond for those in need and its a true blessing just to observe and be a part of such an amazing thing, and it warms my heart when reading these blogs!!

Sha'ylon Davis

It seems like more people are coming out to help world hunger and the numbers are showing it. Its amazing that much money was raised. Even though theres so much more to actually end world hunger this is a big step in the right direction.

Molly Martin

This is awesome! I think it is great how much money has been raised for "World Hunger Relief Week". It shows how much effort people are putting into this cause to end hunger. 15 million dollars that was raised is a tremendous amount of money and a great step in the right direction. I also think the record breaking number of volunteers can restore hope in the cause, people are still moving forward to help others.

chanel coco

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Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

Yes, I agree with Molly, this is a great organization. It is unbelievable that the world hunger relief week rose 15 million dollars. That makes me so happy to hear that all different types of people help out when it comes to world hunger. The record breaking amount of volunteers as well, that is phenominal it honestly makes me so happy to read about how many people help out others every day. God bless their hearts and souls, and anyone else who has ever lent out a hand in need. I hope this continues and the numbers increase in amount of food and money being raised.

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