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Rob Cunningham

This is very serious. Here's what I did through my job to help the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. It's a 30 second PSA that addresses the problem of rising gas and food prices for Food Banks.

Encourage your local TV stations to air similar videos. I am willing to share the footage that I shot with any station willing to run it.

Here's the video link: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/myfox/pages/InsideFox/Detail?contentId=7117234&version=3&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=5.1.1


Thanks for writing this.

Toni T.

It is shocking to me that any country can go into a food shortage in the first place. America has so many agri-buisness companies yet we can't even get hunger off of our streets. Yes, you should be able to feed yourself and your family, but it doesn't always work out and for those people and families they should have something or somewhere to go where they can actually get food.
It's not fair that some hungry people get fed and some don't. Getting this country fed should be a bigger priority to our government.

Darby H.

After reading this article I was in complete shock. I am a student majoring in nutrition and all I ever hear about is America being “over fed.” I truly believe the shortage of food in food banks is 100% preventable. It is, however, a challenge to convince America this is an issue and to donate to the food banks. In America we are lucky to even have the access to stop this shortage. In other third world countries most people do not even have adequate nutrition available. America should definitely be more informed of this issue.

Darby H.

To go back to the comment stated before mine about how it is ironic there are food shortages here in our own territory. I know the first mental picture I get when thinking of hungry families is those starving to death in third world countries. Never do I imagine those of my own country. That is why something about the shortages needs to be done. If others who starve in other countries need our help, we need to be able to help our selves as well.

Darby H.

A website I found in just August 2010, there had been major food shortages in Texas. Over the past summer, the South Plans Food Bank held an emergency food drive. The workers themselves were worried there would not be enough food. The summers are especially busy because the kids are out of school. They asked for just $1.00 donations over the summer to rebuild their food banks. The story is very interesting and I encourage bloggers to take a look.


Grace Warren

I believe this is a very seriuos issue and if not solved people that are really in need of these resources will not have them. In order to be given these services they should have to provide some sort of documental proof showing that they are unable to work. So this food can only go out to the homeless or just less fortunate that can not afford to get there next meal. It should not just be to anyone that goes to the food distribution center and ask fo rfood. This has really taken alot of food from the mouths of others that dont have another meal for their kids. Doing this would definately cut down most of this because without proof they wopuldnt be able to get food.

Darby H.

I like your idea above me, but how would they prove they need the food? I feel like that would be impossible. If those are in need of food need food, they shouldn't have to prove anything.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

This article i just read really shocked me, first off how can we run out of food obviously there is something else that has to be done in order for everyone to be able to afford meals for their families. It is not easy to afford things when you are a single parent and have one job, so those people need help as well. There are also millions of people who cannot find jobs because they decreased the amount of employees needed to work, so many people are out of jobs and they need help as well. There are all different types of reasons why people need help and support to feed themselves and their families and i honestly do not believe it is the peoples' fault so why should they be punished and starved? I am not quite sure how this problem could be solved besides we need to produce more food but we are already producing a large number. But what the U.S. needs to understand is that the population is growing by the minute and we are going to need more of everything in order to make sure everyone has opportunities to be successful. World hunger is a big big issue in this world and if no one stands up and does something everyone is going to suffer.

Darby H.

I completely agree with your statement above. It is a scary issue and we are seeing first hand how world hunger is no insignificant matter. America is the most overfed country in the world and it is completely unnecessary to be even thinking of the problem of not having enough food. Raising the issue and informing America about the issue could be a great solution to this problem we are facing.

Darby H.

My idea of helping food shortages here in the US is by making the issue more well known. I understand there are those who will not help with the cause, but a little does go a long way. Imagine how much food could be available if America was informed of the issue and donated 1/2 there groceries to these food banks. With the new year, a lot of people try to lose weight and eat better. This could help by reduce the amount of food people consume and also helping with the food banks.

Tommy Puleo

I think Darby makes several good points. That this country is known for unhealthy eating habits and gluttonous attitudes while still harboring starving people. Obviously there needs to be some kind of balance here. There is no reason for there to be an epidemic of overweight people as well as too many hungry people for the food shelter resources to handle. The comment about people giving half of there groceries would most certainly work but i think even something as simple as donating one or two cans of food every time you go grocery shopping would have great benefits... Thats only about two or three dollars extra, and imagine if everyone in the state of ohio did this... Thats over 11 million people just in this state alone. If they were willing to donate a can or two a week for one year that would yield about 572,000,000 cans of food! Problem solved.

Tommy Puleo

In addition, a good website to checkout if this is truly a concern for you is feedingamerica.org It has links to find local food banks as well as current census info. feel free to help out your fellow americans.

Darby H.

I really like that idea above. Even though everyone would not be so willing to donate, a little could go a long way. Or even having a stand set up at grocery stores where after you purchase your groceries you are able to drop off can goods and other items right at the convenience at the store. I truly believe so many people would be willing because it is that easy. Red cross or Salvation Army should definitely consider this idea.

Amanda Miller

U.S. Food Banks facing shortages is a very big issue! 15 million pounds of food is a lot to be short leaving many hungry. There is an increase in the number of people seeking emergency food assistance right now because of the economy. Many people have lost their jobs and cannot find work therefore are not able to provide food for themselves and/or their family. Corporations and individuals who can afford to need to step up and help out. People need to stop thinking only about themselves and start thinking about how they can help out their country.

Darby H.

I feel like as a country, we place such high priority on obesity and promoting weight loss. It is ridiculous that there is two opposite issues that actually could easily be avoided. Maybe instead of placing such high priority on obesity and body image, pictures of people suffering on our own streets with malnutrition should be in magazines. Getting the word out to people that there are big issues that need to be solved would be a good idea.

Bradley V

I like Tommy's idea of giving a little every time a person goes to the grocery store. But, a lot of us already give out of every paycheck in the way of taxes. One of the largest portions of the federal budget is welfare. We need to hold our elected officials responsible. Instead of the next pet project or "bridge to nowhere" we should focus on this issue.

Darby H.

I do agree with Bradley's statement saying we give out enough to the welfare system. Where is our money going if it is not to those in need. I think what all this comes down to is the one's that need to be on welfare aren't getting it. Those people who take advantage of our welfare system are the ones benefiting which is absolutely ridiculous. This system of cheating the welfare system needs to stop.

Darby H.

I just did a research paper on Campbell's soup and their mission in stopping hunger. It made me think of this blog and what a good idea it would be to get not only more companies involved in the projects, but people as well. If it wasn't for the fact I did the research, I would have never known other companies are getting in on the action to end world hunger. If only they would promote them doing so it would help out a lot. For instance, offering incentives to their customers for purchasing their products and donating them back to charity. Even though I am positive some food distributors do do this, promoting it more to the public would also help out the cause.

Whitney Rice

It is sad to see that some many people are in need of food, and that the number is increasing as well. It doesn't help with some jobs laying off people and just getting unemployed. With this occurring people are not coming up with enough of money especially with prices of things increasing. Being able to not provide your family with food is a sad thing to admit, but people need to admit it before it becomes a bigger deal with their families.

There seems to be a lot more food banks and shelters opening, but it sounds like they need to spend more time on getting more food rather than making more buildings, even though it is needed as well. I feel like things should be posted more about the need for more food. Like at grocery stores and such, so while people are buying food for their families, people can contribute to food shelters to help contribute to other families in need.

Tommy Puleo

to comment on majority of the remarks toward companies donating more. many grocery companies do donate slightly damaged products as well as day olds from bakeries. this along with the food drives that occur nearly every other month, such as "harvest for hunger" or similar drives is a clear indication that a lot is being done constantly. at least in the business world. the problems arise when people donate their yearly one time offering of pocket change and feel their obligations to humanity has been met. if you think of the hunger problem as a flooding river, your not going to fix it by throwing a hand full of sand in the water... lame analogy but you get the point.

D. Polk

I hope they will be able to accommodate all the people they need to to ensure as many people as possible can get the food and nourishment they need.

Darby H.

I totally agree with Tommy's points made. I never really thought about that. And to be honest I am a victim of giving one time and getting that satisfaction and not even thinking about if for awhile. Which is what most American's probably do. They donated a box of can goods and there conscience can be settled until it is time to give again. It is sad but so true!

Darby H.

I don't know if anyone on here is familiar with the Diane Rehm show, but for my college writing class we had to listen to the hour long show that was on February 16, 2011. The show hosted a few experts on the reason the world is experiencing such a high rise in prices. The show instantly made me think of this blog and the reason behind food shortages. Not only is the world food banks suffering, but everyone is. It is just taking such a large toll on those in poverty and food banks. It seems as though everyone is affected by the down slide of the economy, even the middle and upper class. In conclusion, the rise of the economy will hopefully set these food banks back to normal! In the meantime, I believe we should all try to be more aware and help out!

Bradley V

Getting to Tommy's analogy sure maybe one hand full of sand will not help. I do think that if we all through in sand, which many currently do, then there is a chance of at least slowing that river.

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