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God is the ultimate audience who will ultimately judge our message.

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Surveys are one of the best things that can be done to become aware of those going hungry here in America. Many of us over look what we have because it has always been there, but when I see numbers such as these; It really opens my eyes as to what is taking place that no one see's. I think this is a big step to ending world hunger, because before you can take action, you must first name what it is before you can begin taking action to put a stop to it!!!

D. Polk

I don't know anyone personally, but I have always been aware of homelessness throughout the United States. I remember when I was about 13 at a tennis tournament in Indianapolis and everyday on our way to grab breakfast I saw the same homeless people on the side walks. One man, in particular, I always gave the change I got back from purchasing my breakfast. It might not have been but a few dollars, but I think it made a difference. One day I brought him a bagel but he didn't accept it. The next day I go to continue my routine of giving him my change and he wasn't there. Neither were any of the other usual homeless people I had seen on my trip. I was sad when the adult I was with said they were probably arrested or told to go elsewhere. I haven't the slighted idea where he is now about 7 years later, but I'm hoping he's doing better than he was when I first met him.


when I was about 13 at a tennis tournament in Indianapolis and everyday on our way to grab breakfast I saw the same homeless people on the side walks. One man, in particular, I always gave the change I got back from purchasing my breakfast. It might not have been but a few dollars, but I think it made a difference. One d

Sha'ylon Davis

i think conducting surverys are a very effective way to become aware of world hunger in the world. It can really open someones eyes especially with the statistics it can show. I believe this survery will help people help out with world hunger.

Bradley V

Surveys must be done in order for use to effectively understand the need. Statistics can be effectively used to spark interest and therefore help.


Hi! It is interesting whether this information to get a result at which it counts. Although I am sure of this. Good luck!


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You mean I don't have to pay for epxret advice like this anymore?!


That so wonderful! Breastfeeding is the best way to pocrett your baby's health! I am so happy to see that this is being taught to poor women, I've heard that they get propaganda to use formula, so it's very exciting to hear that they are given education and support to breastfeed! Go End 4 Hunger!!!


If I were going to do any Bible-cramming it would have come up by now. Besides which, I understood that you were a prefessod Christian, so I would assume you are able to get Biblical counselling from your pastor. As for the other types of help, you at least do need the perscriptions from the mental health co-op. The has a list of support links to follow up with. Given your situation it would seem that you may qualify for TennCare or Cover Tennessee. I would suggest contacting the TN Mental Health Consumer's Association and asking someone there if they can direct you to some type of mental health services for the homeless.I would also suggest that you contact the for information. There are several support groups which meet around town and will have information specific to your medical needs.

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I appreciate that.If you know where I can acltlauy get REAL help, please let me know.ps cramming the bible down my throat doesn't work.Alcohol and Drug rehab doesn't work for me.The mental health co/op only throws prescription drugs at you. but offers no real counseling.I don't have the means to pay for a private shrink.


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