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Thanks Leonard for the link. We are over 58K now! One more day to go, keep your fingers crossed.

Rob Cunningham

I think the raffle is a great idea. I applaud your efforts. We all have to do whatever we can to end hunger. So, to you, way to go!

I just made a video to help my local food bank with donations.
It addresses the issue of rising gas and food prices and the increased demand on food banks.

The video is 30-seconds. Here's the link: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/myfox/pages/InsideFox/Detail?contentId=7117234&version=3&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=5.1.1


I feel that this is a great step towards ending world hunger, and helping those in need! This is the 4th annual menu for hope, and I hope and pray actions such as this menu for hope continues and someday I will read about a 25th and then 50th annual menu for hope. Whoever can do so should donate as much as they can to benefit the menu for hope, it is a great thing and I would like to see it continue to grow!

Whitney Rice

I feel like this is a very good fundraiser, with a good idea with the raffle to help motivate people to donate more than $10. Even though people should not need motivation to donate to help end world hungry because just knowing about all the farming in third world countries and all the things they have to go through should be enough motivation to help.
Hungry is a very serious problem because of needing food to survive, and with all the diseases that follow it is so dangerous. Also, with the children that are born with the diseases already. Being a malnourished baby is having no chance, they are born with no chance of survival, with the diseases being so deadly. With fundraisers like "Menu for Hope" will help be one step closer to ending world hunger.

D. Polk

I like the idea of a raffle to raise money. Things like that are more fun in a time of sadness and tend to produce a lot of money for those in need. Given the incentives to get the tickets it provides something for the donators and the people receiving their donations. It's a win-win situation. Perfect for getting the relief people need.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

I agree with all of these people and also believe that it is a great idea to have a food raffle, people only have to donate $10 or more and it could feed a whole family. that is really, really great any efforts used at all to help fight world hunger is great, even though it is true we should not have to be bribed to pitch in and help, why not send $5 or $10 daily or even weekly helps out, if people only knew that they are saving lifes one penny at a time, that is all it takes just a little pocket change can make someone else's day. that is how much power we as idividuals have in this world, we have enough power to change everything, it is just a matter of people actually doing it.


Like D.Polk I agree that things like raffles are a great way to raise money. I know that it is not a new idea but sometimes old ideas can be used to solve current problems. These win-win solutions should be the focus of many of our solutions. Not in every case does someone need to be punished in order to raise another.


I think utilizing the internet for a caus elike this is very commendable. In a technology age we need to adapt and this is one way we can. That is by reaching others through a medium a lot of people use.

Molly Martin

I agree I think this raffle is a wonderful thing that will benefit many people. Using the internet to get the word out will definitely help spread the word and improve the success of the raffle. Raffles are a great way to raise money. Old ideas are still around because of the success they have had! I think that this benefit is going to help the cause a lot not only by raising money but also raising awareness for the cause.

sha'ylon davis

i think this is a great way to raise money, and its a creatve one at that as well. I will admit that fundraisers that tend to be at the fast food restuarants always leave me skeptical about where the money goes to, but i know this organziation will do good with the money raised.


Many don't help because they are unaware, and by using the internet and getting the word out about world hunger is helping to one day end the fight against world hunger. Meeting people in the middle and using something that is user friendly allows for a better outcome, which leads to more money raised to end world hunger!!

chanel coco

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the awesome work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

oil mill

They will be exposed to organizations working on hunger, homelessness, and poverty issues. This will give them the opportunity to do their share and reach out to help those in need. This will help the organizations grow which will help more people in the long run because they will have more support

Bradley V

Like Derrick said, I think that people more than not look at the bad technology brings to the world. If used responsibly technology is a great asset to our daily lives.


I agree that categorically related to any events of this world is not worth it.


Anyone in the community or any suniourdrng community can walk! The students are being offered service hours because most schools require it for graduation, but it is a family and community event. Anyone from anywhere is welcome!


be a human,, religion comes next humianty is best....If we fell down in any other area or city where we born the other guy may b or may not b from our religion will help us...that is INDIA.... no religion....we are brothers...thats it.!!!


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I guess the best recommendation that i will give you is the way to HIS heart? hehe.. its rellay hard, I know. btw. nakapunta ka na ba ng Mansion ni ERAP sa Camp Capinpin, Tanay Rizal? Bongga dun kasi there's a Zoo, swimming pool/s (if you want to swim with family n friends), they also have shuttle so you can roam around the mansion. I heard meron din museum and movie theater somewhere the mansion nga lang only Soldiers can watch their at mga prominenteng tao tulad KO. So Winner ka na dun kasi one stop shop na diba? so yun. that's all yow! advance habertday! God bless and way to go! Imelda Cheryl M. Velasco / meei_ph@yahoo.com <3 mee-i


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Intramuros. You've been around the wllaed city before but you haven't tried the Celdran Tour right? So recounting the lessons you have learned in your history class could be a perfect activity for your birthday. There are also antique shops that you can visit if you're eyeing for a gift you can give yourself, hehehe. Valid na ba ito?Adelia V. Inocencioaddlesky@yahoo.com

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