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While food assistance and raising funds are critical for feeding desperately hungry populations as in Mogadishu, it is also very urgent to implement more sustainable programs.

We have all heard the saying, give a man fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

A different take on that is...Give a woman fish, she eats for a day, teach a woman how to fish, she and her family eats for a lifetime.

That is where the importance of self help and education comes in. In areas like Mogadishu, it is urgent to not only provide humanitarian services, also to provide services such as microlaons and education.

I recently read an article called "Uncommon Sense" written by the Christopher Dunford president of the development organization, Freedom From Hunger. In it he cites how their organization has helped thousands of women around the world to help them help themseleves by providing micro-credit services combined with information on how to run their businesses better and information on health.

My point is that humanitarian assistance is very very important especially in such dire times.

Today, Oct. 16, 2008 is World Food Day, and in the overwhelming shadow of the world financial crisis, the issue of food, hunger and poverty are just being overlooked.

African poverty

...""The depth and scale of the crisis in Somalia is extremely alarming to us all - in some parts acute malnutrition levels surpass emergency threshold levels,"
hunger is just more than we think. Thanks very much for sharing!

Sha'ylon Davis

I believe this is a great start on improving world hunger. It takes baby steps to solve such a huge problem that can take years and years to fix. If we can take this direction with all the rest of the third world countries, we might be able to see alot of progress. We need to start with the children, since there the future (the next generation).


I feel that the continuation of this program and efforts like it, that world hunger will become a thing of the past. The more countries and large corporations we get to help this effort,the better the chance it has to succeed.

Michael Mansour

I agree with you derrick but at the same time, we still got a long ways to go.

Amanda Miller

I think it's great the United Nations World Food Programme has been providing daily meals to those who desparately need it. If more people cared like this and helped those in need there would be less hunger in this world. This might not be a huge step to ending world hunger but anything helps. We still have a long way to go to end hunger but this is definitely a step in the right direction!


Its horrible that something bad has to happen or order for some type of positive action has to take place! However, 50,000 thousand meals a day to those in need is a great thing, and hopefully the numbers continue to grow and the people can also continue to benefit until they can establish themselves and begin providing for themselves and there families! In order for people to help themselves they must first be helped and I think that this is an amazing way of allowing them to do so!!!

D. Polk

It's amazing that they are able to provide 50,000 meals per day. Although it probably doesn't amount to the number of people in need of the meals, it's better than nothing. There are people who would probably try and share theirs too, so everybody wins.


Every little thing helps. There are several third world countries that have organizations set up to feed the hungry. If we could get more industrialized countries to participate we could eventually distinguish the war against world hunger. This is war, and no one country can do it alone. Which is why we need to continue to strive in a positive direction and make efforts to end world hunger. My hope is that one day we can drive shelters out of business!!

Molly Martin

"The depth and scale of the crisis in Somalia is extremely alarming to us all - in some parts acute malnutrition levels surpass emergency threshold levels," I think this is a very meaningful quote. Hunger is so much more than we think, it is very severe. I think it is phenomenal that 50,000 meal can be given out in one single day. Taking steps such as these are still movement in the correct direction.

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I feel that this is a great step towards ending world hunger, and helping those in need! This is the 4th annual menu for hope, and I hope and pray actions such as this menu for hope continues and someday I will read about a 25th and then 50th annual menu for hope. Whoever can do so should donate as much as they can to benefit the menu for hope, it is a great thing and I would like to see it continue to grow.

Bradley V

This is a great step towards ending hunger. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in making it such a successful event. With this being such a success I think you will read about the 50th annual Menu for Hope.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

This is a great way to begin to end world hunger, I think it is wonderful that they are able to feed over 50,000 people each day. That right there is a blessing, and everyone who helped out is responsible for saving these people's lives. I hope this organization expands through out the years and hopefully ond day it will be able to get rid of all of world hunger. I wish I could say that I helped out in this factor, but I did not, I can say thought that I helped out with a food drive my English class just held and it was more successful than I thought it was going to be. It did feel good to know that I helped out families in need of food.

Converse chuck taylor all star

YES! I finally found this web page! I've been looking just for this article for so long!!


wow! that's a great event..did you join in that fun run? i have a friend who alwyas join in any fun run event..i'm just not sure if she went in this event though anyways, i like your blog simple yet cute ^_^


BAD? aspect of WPF:Distribution of low quaitly food (like: rice) which was/is quaitly-less product and even animals would die eating these products provided by WFP. Many Nepalese children, mothers and fathers are dying due to WFP careless. I think WFP slogan of caring people without degrading their health has gone to hell. no trust on WHP by now What will WFP do in this case ??? any WFP personnel to answer this This is a very serious issue for me and all Nepal and also worldwide in future.


To 30mate, thats an idealistic cause. Can the ldnlaocked and desertous Iraq fish or farm? Its ppl can only rely on trade which the U.S cut off when Bush invaded. Can Bangaldesh, one of the most heavily populated areas in the world, feed its ballooning population when it expreiences seasonal flooding? and drought which ravages its rice fields? What WFP provides is immediate humanitarian *relief*, not a free supply of food.


Let's take concrete actoin to end the famineIt takes only 2 seconds. Go to w w w dot avaaz dot com? and sign their petition for Somalia.More than 2000 people are dying every day in Somalia,? in a famine that threatens to starve more than 11 million people to death. It could be you.Spread on Facebook and Youtube, please


This is so insulting and sitpud way, just because it use to follow USAs? and NATOs bombings. Ppl sometimes does not know if there are bombs or what and this is so humiliating way to face this huuuuge restproblem of the capitalistic system and world. Devilish!!!


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I would just like to mention that I have prteicipaatd in many food bank programs donating can goods, dry goods, etc for my local communities and last year I forgot my bag of groceries on the last donation day and they said they would accept checks and would, in fact really like a check b/c the food bank can buy like four times as much food for the money. So sending money for food is a very good thing.


Thank you for commenting. I've been follnwiog issues in Africa for a long time and its always nice to come across people who care. I get too many negative people when trying to support these issues. I will always keep an eye out and write for change.


I agree, that if you can't help a hundred, help one. I honstely believe if we all lived by that simple philosophy and treated each other as we wished to be treated ourselves, there would be no hunger in the world. But it is true also that governments need to stop making it so difficult to do something. I worked at a woman's shelter for many years. We were funded through donations and some limited government support. These woman and their children had run from abusive and often very frightening environments to keep safe in the shelter. It would break my heart when a church group or some other good Samaritan would drop off food left over from a large company or group function and we could not take it to feed these woman and their children. WHY? because it might not be safe, fear of being sued etc. What about hot dog days or bake sales in schools to raise money for very worthy causes? Those too are now fraught with bureaucracy because the food is not prepared in a registered health inspected kitchen. So, while people are going hungry in our own backyard, officials and politicians are putting many road blocks into helping the needy. So, when I read about a charity like World Food Program, I want to shout out Hurray, thank you for making a difference. With Love Sue from The Angel Pendant, making a difference one angel at a time.


we must give bread from our mouth . This means sacrifice. Sacrificing some of our adnubance to respond to an other's hunger. Seems to be a similar sentiment as Tolstoy's. I try to remember this every time someone asks me for money on the street. Translating this giving to those millions dying of starvation in the Horn of Africa is what I've been forgetting to do. Thanks for reminding me, Kelsey.

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