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I feed very little preearpd dog food due to all the preservitive and colouring added not to mention the disgusting rubbish they put in claiming it to be chicken,beef etc.I feed raw chicken necks, Cooked Liver stews with veg and rice added.Raw pet mince. Tuna cassaroles, Scrambled eggs with cheese. Cooked pet mince stews and a small amount of dog roll with NO preservitive plus fresh Brisket bones. I leave a cup of dry food down in case they get peckish but this is very rarely eaten. Maybe 1 cup a week with my four dogs.This feeding is actually cheaper than buying the preearpd stuff but does take a bit long to prepare.


Rather than having to buy two deiffrent foods, why not go with something that is appropriate for all life stages? Pinnacle and Taste of the Wild are two that come to mind. They have no corn, wheat, or soy which can cause problems for a lot of dogs. You will pay a bit more for a good food but the dogs body will use more of the food so you end up feeding less and cleaning up less piles of poop. Food that have a lot of corn and fillers don't fill your dogs up so they always seem hungry, eat more, and poop it out in your backyard.


Oh Beth, my life sounds like yours was. I look and feel very hahtley around 145. I'm about 30 more than that now and it is a daily struggle. Because I gain from head to toe, it creeps up until I bump up to another size. I can't even blame pregnancy as I only gained about 20lbs with both babies. (Besides, those babies are 14 and 12:-) They were always yelling at me to gain weight when I was pregnant. how ironic! I am so discouraged and frustrated...and hungry. My goal is 145 so I have a 5lb cushion...like you, no higher than 150. How did you do it? I could really use a pep talk:-)

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