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Grace Warren

I believe this hunger crisis happening in Somalia is very unfortunmate. For 83,000 poeple to be malnutrition and 13,500 with a severe degree of malnutrtion. With the money that the US raises and gives to them treats 15,000 malnutrition children. So obviously they need more assistance and with a hugh flood coming there way will be a teagedy if they dont get it as soon as possible. Then again I believe there is more money going out to them by church organizations and celeb's. America has literally given out so much money and food to other countries we have forgotten about the homeless in this country. So I believe the churches there should raise money for there people and help make it easier on those familes as the US does when we have a tragic time.


Malnutrition isn't something that I usually think about on a daily basis. I don't believe that the majority of americans think about malnutrition on a daily basis. To find out that there are that many children in one country that are starving is heart breaking. I think that it really makes people think about their lifestyles and how much food they waste everyday or every week hearing this. The average person may not think that they could help in this situation. But the truth is, no matter how much money you give, whether its 5 dollars or 50,000 dollars, your helping someone eat for a day or a week or maybe even a month. It's worth every penny.

Amanda Miller

I find this extremely sad that 83,000 children suffer from malnutrition and 13,500 are severely malnourished and at risk of dying. These numbers are huge, no child should have to suffer from malnutrition but 83,000 is way too many. We all know hunger exists yet few try to do anything to help stop it. People need to stop and think about how they would feel if that was their child who was starving and at a risk of dying. Maybe then they would be more willing to donate even a few dollars. No one is asking that you donate millions of dollars just a few dollars would help. Yes the U.S. is having its own financial problems right now but a few dollars to a child starving will be worth a lot more to them than it would be to us.

Pat M

Children no matter where they are should not have to suffer like this. This malnutrition leads to many things. The worst obvioulsy being death but others like learning disabilities. It is really sad to see this many children in this condition.

Sha'ylon Davis

When i think about children being malnournished it really breaks my heart. Yes i feel bad for anybody that doesnt have enough food but i think its 10 times worse if a child has to go through such a horrible thing. We as Americans need to seriously do something about this because we would want help if it was us.


It is hard to think that anyone, especially innocent children who have barely had a chance in the world, suffer so much. Though it happens more often than not, children... no person should have to suffer of malnutrition. It's even sadder that it is the powerful countries that could have the power to really help, have escalated the problem. These companies should take responsibility to help solve the problem.

Noelle Lucia Vinciguerra

This hunger problem in Somalia is very important and needs to be recognized. It was said that over 83,000 children are facing severe malnutrition and 17 percent of children under five years of age are facing malnutrition factors. This is so sad to read about and the numbers are only increasing, maybe something like a canned food drive can be done for them. That would be a blessing for them and I am sure they would appreciate the help. I believe that one day world hunger will be resolved but until then let's all try to lend out that helping hand they need.


I enjoyed the Civil Rights tenilime very much! It was a very interesting project and since I didn't know too much about what really happen back in the 1920 s-1960 s, I learned new facts about what took place. I found very graphic images and information which was devastating and heart-breaking to look at, but discovered the way of segregation. From this project, I had seen how poorly African Americans had been treated. Thanks to all the HEROES who had spoke up then and tried to make a difference in the world. Because, if they did not it would of taken much longer for the Civil Rights Movement to finally come to an end. Today, Americans and different races all over the country can come together as one and respect the differences in each other.


I enjoyed doing the Civil Rights Timeline so much! It ralley expanded my knowledge of the civil rights time. The event i found most interesting was when Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat. Back in the 1950s, if a black person was sitting down and a white person didn't have a seat, the black person was supposed to give the white person the seat. Rosa Parks was tired of that so she didn't give her seat up. She then got arrested and this interested me because she had been standing up for what's right and what she believed in. This had a huge impact on the Civil Rights Movement because so many people heard about it which helped get segregation to end faster.


I am not certain, but it is pssliboe that big organizations that source food from developed countries (e.g. WFP) push out other, local initiatives because they are able to pay higher salaries. (If one is unemployed be it in a developing or a developed country you are probably more likely to want to work for a large organization that can pay you very well compared to what a local organization could.)Similarly, if a government has accepted grants and loans from institutions like the World Bank and the IMF they are often not allowed to subsidize food. If the local food is too expensive, those who cannot afford it either don't buy food at all or buy cheaper, imported food - which won't be meat/fish but rather less nutritious things that travel well and don't require refrigeration. Local food instead gets sold for export (in those cases and areas where farmers actually produce surpluses).Lastly, if an organization is sourcing local food for the poorest segments of the population, the prices will increase for those who may be poor, but not poor enough to qualify for food aid. This creates untenable situations.I personally believe in food distribution in emergencies (natural disasters, refugee crises etc.) but have not been very impressed with what I have seen in development contexts - mainly due to the international politics of food aid.


You and I both know, Gentle Reader, that the only real BBQ in the world is over at Rick and Shincha's house over by Lake Texoma.And I'm pretty sure that 98% of those who deragsie are just ig'nint Seriously tho', complaining that the streets in America aren't paved in gold is tantamount to support for those we fight against.So go ahead and support the Taliban and the way they beat and tortured women to death (www.rawa.org). And go ahead and support Saddam and his graves of mass murder (400,000+/- found thus far).I'm sure you can justify Bush and the US Army being worse if you try really, really hard Now, I'm concerned about the WMD (heck even Bill Clinton said they were there); but as you rant about those evil Americans, think about the 129 Iraqis rescued from a dungeon that had been bricked over buried alive after Saddam's sons were done raping them And if one of your sisters or cousins or schoolmates had been among them, tell me that wasn't worth it


America is a dangerous place to live. There is no doubt about that. The psarhe to hell in a hand basket comes to mind . If you want to praise America for defeating the Nazis you may want to reconsider that. Preston Bush, the Bush family GrandPappy, helped Hitler finance his war machine. So essentially we Americans helped create the mess we went over there to solve. Fast forward to the year 2002 and we are repeating the same old story. G.W. Bush Sr. helps create terrorists in the middle east and now we are spending billions of dollars and killing innocent people again.Nothing makes me madder than hearing an American say, why do they hate us? They hate us for good reasons. It isn't because they are envious of our freedom , MTV, MTV2, or Hollywood. They hate us because we support Democracy when we feel like it and only if it benefits us. Dictators? We love them if they are giving us oil.


eyeballkid : I don't know the numbers for Korea, but that's an ineentstirg question. I'll try and find out.Good points, regardless, although I will have to continue disagreeing with you about percentages.To me, though, turning numbers into percentages, and saying Look, they're not so big! , makes the victims (I hate that word, but) that much less visible, makes their stories (which is what we were talking about originally, yeah?), that much more muffled, pushes them even further into being statistical cyphers.I think the truth (such as it ever is) gets lost when you start manipulating the numbers, as you did with the best of intentions, I know, above.I guess I'm not saying that America is such a bad place, I'm just wondering why it's not better.Just my opinion.Now, can I buy you a beer?


Oh great.. another jeauols Canuck taking a swipe at America. Create a list of bad things that happen in any part of the world and isolate them only to the American sector. Puke, puke, puke. But I would expect no less from the pseudo-intellectual liberals of the world. If not for America, Germany would still own Europe, Berlin would have fallen to the communist, Milosovic would still be gooes stepping in the Balkans, you would not have this web page (we created the internet), you would not have met your wife because she would be a north korean, the list goes on and on. Are we perfect? Certainly not. But I think overall, we have handled the leadership of being the strongest country in the world well.


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